About Thai Company
• Ideal Supply and Engineering Company Limited was established on October 3, 2007 with the purpose of selling building materials, electrical equipment. provide consultation on utility works for electricity and water supply. In the same year, the business had been expanded to import-export and distribution. Printers, Printing Equipment, Ink, Publications, paper, as well as equipment and spare parts of the product. Such under the brand McKy, INKDERN, IDEAL and etc. and OEM of products brand according to the needs of customers. There are over 300 reseller and retailers all over Thailand until now.
• Head Office Address : 9/8 Moo 13, Buengkhamphroi, Lamlukka, Pathumthani, 12150, THAILAND.
• Subsequently, in 2016, the business has been expanded as importer and distributor across the country for Pantum brand printer and supplies. And on 2017, Pantum (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been established for sales and marketing, and after salesservices for Pantum brand across Thailand. SIS and SYSNEX has been selected as distributor to distribute Pantum products to government department through out Thailand.
• In 2021, the product has been expanded to inkjet printer, under the brand Deli by Ideal Co., Ltd. as Importers, distributors, and Deli Printer Service Co.,Ltd. has been established for sales, marketing and after-sales-service.
• There is a team of sales and marketing persons with specialized knowledge and experience working in both government and private sectors. various branches to perform research and development of products and select good products with high experience of technicians who have been trained in various courses as well.
• There are business alliances and networks throughout the country to support the work. after sales service to build confidence to customers and services in a timely manner with the vision and mission of the company causing the company's operating results to grow steadily since then.

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