Deli Group Profile
Since 1981, the Deli Group has continuously developed and pursued solutions to provide diverse products and services to customers in one location, while providing the most cost-effective products to consumers. consumption around the world.
Deli operates eight independent sub-brands, with Agnite, Nusign and JISHI most recently joining the Deli family; and includes a total of 19 product categories including stationery, office equipment, office furniture, sporting goods and tools.
Deli is a leader in many different niches.
Deli - The best mate !
41 years
Since 1981
19 categories
Nineteen categories of products
8 sub-brands
Eight original sub-brands
Development Path
  • 2013-2015
  • 2016-2017
  • 2018-2019
R& D team established Start 1st Gen Laser Printer Development
1st Laser Printer Developed
Start 1st Gen Inkjet PrinterDevelopment
1st Production Line Deployed1st Inkjet Printer Developed
18th Dec Deli Printers Published in Beijing National Hotel
Deli Printer Launched
Intelligent Logistics
Deli has deeply cultivated in office industry for more than 20 years,now becoming the advocator and leader of overall solutions for multiple working scenes.Deli has accumulated abundant technical resources,therefore, since from 2015, Deli invest a huge amount of funds to engage to research and develop the laser and inkjet Printers. Deli is the only one company, mastering both Laser & Inkjet printer technology,developing, researching and manufacturing Laser and Inkjet printer in China.

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